New Live Video 'STILL'

It's an exciting period for EvenSanne: a new record is about to be born!

This summer we recorded our 2nd album in the beautiful Wedge View Studio's, located in the heart of the Netherlands where if you stand still you can hear the grass grow, and the cows mow ;)

Together with our beloved new band members Itai Weissman and Jeroen Batterink, master engineer and producer Darius Timmer, co-engineer Martin van den Oetelaar and co-producer Co de Kloet, we experienced a magical week and went home exhausted but satisfied, with a hard disc full of new material that we would love to share with you in the very near future.

At the moment we're in the middle of shaping the final product which will be finished in the beginning of 2017. Stay tuned for new dates and video's!

Performed and recorded live at the BlueNote, Amsterdam.

Composition by Sanne Huijbregts
Arrangement by EvenSanne

Sanne Huijbregts - Vocals  & Xylophone
Eran Har Even - Guitar
Itai Weissman - EWI
Jeroen Batterink - Drums

Filming by House of Art (
Editing by Be Gingered (
Recording by Lex Tanger
Mix by Martin van den Oetelaar