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by EvenSanne
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Something So Sweet

by EvenSanne



Safely at ease, no-one to please
I take myself, all A's to Z's
Traveling light
Without strong emotions to worry about
But still I doubt

My heart is mute, clean, yet pollute
Love was a drug, forbidden fruit
Traces remain
Of dangerous altitudes, breathtaking depths
Passionate grief
Where's the relief?
I should feel happy but

Still I search for one face in everyone 
Stock-still I stand, though always I'm on the run
Hold still, hang on, this chase's only just begun
There are so many faces to come

And still I’m still when somebody drops your name
A still, non sparkling word that has lost it’s flame
But still somehow brings hope, which brings only pain

Safely at ease, no-one to please

In my soap bubble world
I'm as light as a feather
I float in a transparent pearl 
Further into the swirl

Colored bubbles of soap
Reflect a spectrum of hope
Presenting a beautiful view
Just too good to be true

Global bubble I'm in
Your skin so fragile and thin
From the daily spin I hide
Safely inside

My magical paradise
Foolish, fantastic fantasy
Nothing to be realized
In my harmony

There is something so sweet about you
I just cannot forget about your tenderness
But I guess that

We were not meant to be together
All this time, now it doesn't matter anymore
I’ve closed that door

But when I recalled your scent..

No I will not give in, although
I know that in the beginning
I felt so in lo.. lalala..

Now the seasons have changed
I’ve rearranged the set, and I won't regret
I will rejoice, I've made a choice

But when I heard Chopin again..

Such a long time ago
When we first said: "hello"
And we started to travel hand in hand

To a land of our own
We explored the unknown
And we drowned in a 

Dream without time
Where each noun seemed to rhyme
An illusion that broke
With a flash of light I awoke

I look back on the time
When I thought you were mine
Now I’ve heard that you found somebody new

Is she pretty? Is she funny?
Does she know who you are?
I hope she will be happier than me
Give her the low-down
And you’ll see what goes ‘round
comes back around

Which I promise will be love

They planned their lives
And wed their wives
But became hero's
Watching over their homes

It's not their fault,when duty calls
They go

Their sons' first words 
By them unheard
Far away they were
Saving everyones hope

Though some survive the son's and wives
Were lost

Lost in the shuffle of opinions
Trapped in the puzzle of dominions
Where all is fair

When will
The rain
Stop when
Will the
Rain stop
When will
The rain

Let me help you, my love
Let me wipe away your tears,
And talk away your fears
Allow me to lighten your heart
Be smart, don’t push me away

Let me help you, my love
I will gently touch your face
Hold you close in my embrace
Trust me you’re safe in my arms
No harm, I’ll watch over you

And if the time comes
When I need you
Will you hold me close and comfort me
Kiss my cheek and say to me:

“Let me help you, my love
In my arms I’ll hold you tight
And guide you through the night
Believe me there’s nothing to fear
My dear, I care about you”

Still not looking ahead
Holding on to a thread
I was spinning around the dream I had found

Being alone, doesn't mean I'm lonely
I can stay awake and bake a cake
And feel content

Being alone, doesn't mean I need you
I can hear the rain and feel no pain
That's all I need

But in your arms I felt so warm
So safe, so me, so you, so we, so true

Now I’m traveling light
Out of heart out of sight
Moving on on my own and trying to live

Being alone, sometimes means I miss you

Left / right, wrong / right
Thin line
Judge in between law and order

Laugh / cry, live / die
Deny fate
Stay without rhyme or reason

Secrets are just hidden truths

Doubt / trust, you must
Define truth
Intertwine each intention

In the spring the wind will bring
A seed who finds the earth
It's the birth, the beginnings of a tree

As she grows her roots will spread
And when the summer's there
She fills the air, with the whispers of her leaves

The fire of the autumn
Will paint her green leaves red and brown
They tumble down
In winter it gets cold, she grows old
Turning bold
Then the snow will cover all her branches
Soon she’ll be forgotten in a world of white
And time will freeze..

But next spring the tree will bring
A seed who finds the wind
He begins his own journey far from home

Starting with the end, ending at the..
Starting with the end, ending at the..
Start, it never ends, see the beauty of infinity
In everything, ‘round and ‘round us

Walk away, walk away
Though there's so much more to say
First offend me, then pretend
We don't have an argument
You just ignore me, and walk out the door

Walk away, walk away
We could solve this if you'd stay
Why are you afraid of me
We are free to disagree
Let's talk about it, don't be so proud

Come back, come back, come back..

Just two little baby steps
To go from here to where we want to

Up and down
Back and forth
The world’s your playground
You will explore

Turn inside out
Fly upside down
Lose track of time
Go off the deep end

Seek the key
Crack the code
Unlock the future
Find your road

Start at the end
End at the start
Nothing will change
Only perhaps you